Better Be Worth It!

February 2, 2008

Do you guys have a dream? Well I believe everyone does, because I sure do. I aim really high and am try my best to reach it. My dream? To be a flight attendant. But why, why, why, do I keep failing? No matter how hard I try, I haven’t managed to succeed yet.

There are so many airlines opening for applications at the moment, but most of them want women only. I’m really happy that Bangkok Airways is opening for applications (again). I’ve already applied with them twice before, so I hope this is the one – that I’ll get it this time.

Nothing good is free in the world, so after I read the announcement last night I said to myself I have to do something, to try harder.

Last time I applied I asked the person who interviewed me if there was anything they thought I could improve and the one thing they said was that I should have worn a suit. I’m not making that mistake again, so I went to buy one with Ben today.


The investment

It was nearly 10,000 Baht for all of this, so it better be worth it.


I’m So Vain

February 2, 2008

I was so disappointed that Ben posted my stupid photo on our guild forums. Back then I was really skinny (and ugly). I’m looking at it now and feel so ashamed because it’s not how I look now. He even said to me that he was doing it for me – as if! He just wants to bully me.

Well, I am beautiful.

Before getting to the title, about why I’m so vain, I want to tell a story about how stupid I was at uni. I was contacted by a guy who seeks modelling talent, but back then I was just a kid, never thought about the future, and was very shy. I threw his business card away and now I regret it so much, I even tried to find it. They said they’d pay for the fitness course and everything too. Ben said he agrees that I’m stupid.

No matter what they say, words can’t bring me down.

A couple of days ago I went jogging, alone because Ben was (and still is) sick,  at Lumpini Park. When I finished jogging I was sitting at my regular chair to relax like I normally do and I noticed someone walking backwards and forwards in front of where I was sitting. They eventually started a conversation:

Someone: “Did you just jog on the other side of the park? Are the lights still on?”
Me: (looking strangely at them) “Err… yeah…”
Someone: “Ok thanks” (walks away)

(two minutes later)

Same Someone: (walks back) “Do you come here to jog everyday?”
Me: (looking strangely at them) “Umm… nearly, yeah…”
Same Someone: “I like jogging too, but today I’m just walking”
(awkward silence)
Same Someone: “Do you live around here?”
Me: “… yeah…” (when are they going to go away?)
Same Someone: “What’s your name?”
Me: “Oui”
(awkward silence)
Same Someone: “Well, my name is XXX. Nice to meet you.”
(awkward silence)
Same Someone: “Are you a uni student or working?”
Me: “I’m working”
Same Someone: “Oh my god, I can’t believe it! You look so young I thought you were a uni student!”
Me: (so happy to hear that, but not showing it)
Same Someone: “Can I have your number?”
Me: “No, sorry I don’t give my number to strangers”
Same Someone: (pacing backwards and forwards more)
(long awkward silence)
Same Someone: “Um, ok. Sorry for bothering you, but have a pleasant evening” (leaves)

I should probably add that after they came back they were trying to sit next to me but I positioned myself right in the middle of the seat so they couldn’t. They ket pacing backwards and forwards the whole time, probably in the hope that a space on the seat next to me magically became available.

Am I being chased? I’m happy about it, but they probably think that they shouldn’t have wasted their time. Anyway, I like it.

By the way, could you guess if the someone above is a girl or guy?

Testing the Camera

January 14, 2008


Inside Gaysorn Plaza 


People leave roses for the Buddha statue at Central World 


My neighbour, the huge complex, Central World 


My Lunch at Fuji, so yum!


January 14, 2008

It’s been a long time since I read a book, the last ones being the first of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Yesterday I went to do some shopping and bought my new book called Who Moved my Cheese. It’s really good so far even though I’ve only read the first few pages. Ben his stupid World of Warcraft books, three of them – boring.

Who Moved my Cheese?

What’s wrong with me? Whenever I read I feel really sleepy, except if the story is interesting I enjoy it. It’s like an adventure.

Anyway, I think you guys should read Who Moved my Cheese. I’m going to learn about the theory of the cheese, prepare for me to change.

Living Beyond Means

December 26, 2007

Finally I settled on the camera I will get (I’ve paid some money for it, so it’s set in stone). Earlier I said I’d get the Canon EOS 350D, but I ended up selecting the Canon EOS 400D.

When we were first planning to get a camera we were talking about a little compact one for no more than 10,000 Baht (350 Aus), then we started thinking long-zoom dslr-like cameras for 16,000 Baht (560 Aus), then we decided to spend a little more and just get a dslr camera outright rather than something like it. The Canon EOS 350D seemed perfect at 20,000 Baht (695 Aus) and from doing research and reading what people thought about it every day at work it made me very confused. Everyone kept saying why not spend a little more to get something better.

Tonight we went to Pantip to shop around for a better price for the 350D and seeing the more recent model of the 350D, the 400D, made me desire that a lot. After spending 30 minutes bargaining on price, lenses and memory I managed to get the price down to 27,000 Baht (940 Aus) but that was with the Canon 1-year warranty and super-dooper lens.

I have forced myself to not look at other cameras now to fix my decision on this one. We’ve put some money on the camera, along with the basic image stabilisation lens (which was really hard to find), and will go pick it all up on Friday.

I can’t wait to start taking photos with it that have a depth of field effect, it’s something I think looks really cool.

Attention all pilots!

December 24, 2007

Flight PrioritiesSanta Collission


December 23, 2007

Have I pointed out that I’m not christian? Well I’m not. I’m just a normal buddhist person in Thailand, but that isn’t to say I hate christianity. I kind of like it, but I don’t want to be christian.

I like many of the christian ceremonies, like weddings, easter and christmas (even funerals). In Thailand funerals are really scary because they let people see the body without as much preparation as you’d see in an open-casket christian funeral. They just put some powder and lipstick and that’s it.

Even graveyards in Australia are so nice, they’re kind of like a park, but in Thailand they put them in a jungle with lots of trees and it’s really scary.

To get to my point, this is the first time ever for me that it’s christmas and I’m working. Let me tell you, at my work they’ve been playing christmas songs all day since the beginning of december and it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop anytime soon. It’s the same songs over, and over, and over, again. They make me sleepy.

At first I was so excited to hear them, because it means christmas is coming, but that feeling is gone because I’m so sick to death of hearing those same songs all the time.

My work even had a party, the theme of which was pink shirts. I didn’t wear anything special, just the pink shirt. I put on a show with some of my colleagues too, I danced to Britney Spears’ Oops I did it again song. I’d been practising for weeks for it. I was cute though, yes I was (and yes, I am vain).

After the show there was a popular vote and some people voted for me, but I didn’t win. When they told me some people had voted for me I pretended that they were so stupid to vote for me when actually I was so happy and proud of myself. I said “Are they blind?”, even though inside I was loving myself so much.

At that party I felt sorry for whoever got my present, because it was just some nice plates I had laying around home (that we’d never used). At least I didn’t have to spend any money. When it was my turn to give the present I’d prepared I tried to keep my distance from everyone because I was really embarrassed. I didn’t want her to open it and look at me like “Is this it??!”

Anyway, the present I got was shit too. I got a stupid kids toy, teapots and dollhouses and crap. I don’t think I’ll ever have my own kids so I’ll give them to my nieces. At least now I know that my present wasn’t the only shit one.

My new toy

December 23, 2007

I’d never thought I would enjoy photography. Well, next week I’m getting a Canon 350D DSLR camera with a super dooper lens that has image stabilisation. I don’t really know what image stabilisation is, but everyone says it’s important.

I’ve been reading a lot on the net about the new camera and still don’t really understand all the terms everyone is throwing about, but I’m sure I’ll get it one day.

This new activity that I’m going to do, I hope it’ll last a long time unlike other stuff I did. I mean, being obsessed with it for a week or so and then forgetting about it. This camera costs a lot of money. I hope it’s not going to be like a bald person having a golden comb.

Talking about taking photos, I’ve never known that a buddhist country would go so crazy about christmas. You should come around where we live, with huge complexes decorated with massive christmas trees and other decorations. It’s so beautiful.

I like this time of the year because walking anywhere around my home looks so beautiful, but there are things I hate about it too – tourists. They always want to take a photo and take up the whole space for people to walk, taking forever to take a snapshot that probably won’t even come out when it’s developed anyway.

I’ll definitely post photos taken with the super camera here. Can’t wait for that ’cause I’m pretty sure I’ll blog a lot then.

Incoming darkness

December 23, 2007

Oh well. As I suspected, the stupid Samak won the election and will be PM. It’s so sad, I’m actually ashamed of being Thai. Because the majority of Thai’s are uneducated, if anyone can make those people like them, they’ll win. The North and Northeast of Thailand holds a large part of Thailands population and they love Thaksin.

I’m so ashamed that I come from the Northeast of Thailand, but I don’t really want to play a violin to the buffalo (a thai proverb meaning wasting your time). Just have to accept it and see what happens.

My predictions for the future: same shit.

I am back!

November 30, 2007

I like this line: “I’m back”. It’s like you’ve been doing something for a long time then stopped just because you don’t feel like it anymore. It’s fascinating how the human mood changes all the time, especially mine.  It’s probably because I don’t feel like writing, but now I do – not fair is it? Well I guess that is what a blog is for.

How funny that it’s been so long since I’ve blogged last, I couldn’t even remember my own password!  Well at least my blog wasn’t deleted.

Many things happened in my life and I would say they made me stronger and I’ve learned more of how beautiful this world is. 

A couple months ago I joined the company trip to Kanchanaburi. Honestly I didn’t really enjoy it. Why? It was just me – all me. Back then I was addicted to WoW and couldn’t stop thinking of what I could do if I was at home. I also have to admit that I was a bit worried that my tier whatever pieces might drop from an instance. Slap my own face at once! Pathetic! As I said to the guildies, I am going to have a break. It was hard but I have no regrets – it was worth it.

Visiting home (Sisaket) was great, went home to my father and mother.  It has changed a lot, people, houses, the city and even my parents – no one can escape time.

I always worry about how I look and how I want to be beautiful but one thing I seem to forget is that each day I’m getting older and older. Have I done something good? The answer is not really. One day I’ll forget about the beauty, one day…

Ben didn’t quite enjoy our trip to Sisaket and complained to me that I didn’t take him anywhere except being at home, but I did take him to the tennis courts to play tennis (he didn’t play though). What would you expect from being at your hometown? Doing new stuff? I’m pretty sure all of us have done everything and visited all the attractive places in our hometowns. I didn’t want to do and visit the same thing again so I decided to stayed at home, be lazy, enjoy food that I’ve been missing, and gossip about others leaving Ben in confusion (he deserves it, you should know what he has done to me when I was in Sydney with him).

Sydney, I believe that it’s a city of opportunity, where Ben and I actually plan to live, but it sounds like I have stars in my eyes. Ben is turning to be Mr GM at the company he works with, downstairs – bossy man 😛

I’ve started to enjoy my work. After a few failures of flight attendant applications I realised that it’s just not everything and that I should put my heart on what I am doing now. That’s why my salary was increased, it was worth it. Anyway I’m not going to give up. “I’m going to be a flight attendant one day”. Should I drop everything now and go for something that isn’t guaranteed? What should I do?

We actually plan to go back to Sydney, but just for visiting for now. We want to go to get a feel for it and that will hopefully help us decide what to do next.